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Leave the Paint Purchase to Your House
Painting Professional

If you are on a tight budget for home improvements, one of the things you might think about as a way to save money is to provide the materials yourself so you can take advantage of a sale you’ve seen or a discount you qualify for. What you don’t realize is that you could actually cost yourself money in the long run and get results you won’t be happy with. When it comes to interior or exterior house painting, purchasing your own paint is not advisable for the following reasons:

  • Getting Wrong Paint- There is a reason why there are so many different types of paint on the market. The paint product that is best for your house painting project depends on a variety of factors that your painter will take into account when choosing the paint.

interior or exterior house painting

  • Paint Quality- Saving money on paint might seem smart, but if the price is low, often so is the quality. If it isn’t up to the standards of your painter — you could find he charges more to deal with the inferior product, needs twice as much to complete the job, and might not give you the same guarantee. Leave your paint purchase to the professional and you’ll be far more satisfied with the result.
  • Pricing- It might surprise you that despite all the savings you thought you could experience by buying your own paint that the painter actually beats the price. A professional has access to better pricing because of the relationships they have forged with vendors.
  • Time & Effort- There are probably a million things you would rather do with your time than go buy paint, especially when you consider how long it can take to get the color blended when the store is busy.

Here at Richard’s Painting, we are ready to exceed your expectations, but that can only happen when you give us the opportunity to complete your house painting project with the high-quality products that we have access to. Call us today!